About Us

Our Fleets.

We have a variety of vehicles to use in our services both for shared and private transfer. Private customers can choose the type of vehicle that suits their group while the shared transfer customers will have to join the scheduled coach that best suits their travel itinerary.


Our air-conditioned vans are new and in good condition. They can board up to 10 passengers on. For private customers, we recommend to not have more than 9 passengers while travelling, so you can have more space between seats and for your baggage.

Luxury Cars

We also provide private luxury car such as Mercedes Benz E-Class, BMW 5 Series and Audi A6 for our VIP passengers.

Our Drivers.

Our drivers have years of driving experiences. We are very strict with our drivers. They must abide by the driving safety rules such as alcohol testing, the prohibition of accepting phone calls while driving, driving according to the speed limit set by law, and etc.

All coach drivers are subject to alcohol testing every time before driving and van drivers must take the alcohol test 3 times a day (in the morning before driving, after lunch and in the evening). The result of all alcohol tests must be zero, otherwise, that driver will not be able to drive. We also do not allow our drivers to have a phone conversation except for an urgent call from the office or call back to the office to report some concerns. They also must use a Bluetooth device for safety. 

We welcome all reports and complaints if you have noticed that any of our drivers have not followed any of these rules or have any driving behavior that might be dangerous.

Airport Shuttle (Shared Transfer)


The purpose of this service is to pick-up customer from hotel’s door or airport terminal and drop-off at hotel’s door or airport terminal. There are many coaches scheduled to depart from each location. Customer can choose the coach time that suits your arrival or departure.

It has been our intention to ensure that the coaches depart on time and arrive at their destinations on time. However, there are possibilities that these coaches are late from their departures from many unexpected reasons and resulting in late arrivals. We will do our best to make it on time but it is not a guarantee.

Therefore, we are not liable for any missed flights or trips. And we would recommend you plan your trip well, make sure that you have spare time for late departure or bad traffic along the way, which will result in late arrival at your destination.

Private Luxury Car (Coming Soon)